Economic Policy & Governance

From broader economic policy analyses to technical assistance projects for public administration and estimating impacts of proposed policies, we provide our clients with technically rigorous yet practicable solutions to tackle their most pressing development needs.

No other consulting firm has the deep bench of in-house expertise and knowledge to rapidly respond to our clients’ changing needs.

Research & Project Evaluation

Using various data gathering and data analysis methods, both qualitative and quantitative, REX Consulting Group offers a wide array of research and project evaluation services, spanning market economy assessments, baseline and endline assessments, data mapping and others.

We aim to test, understand and measure the complexity of our clients' challenges and their impact on their development programs. We ensure the application of the highest and most updated standards for research and quality assessment by using powerful data collection tools (e.g., Kobo Toolbox).

Private Sector Development

REX Consulting helps businesses grow through a broad range of private sector development activities. From high level strategic and financial development to firm-level assistance, our services generate solutions where they are most needed.

We also shed light on the true cost of under-valuing the participation of women — and then create solutions for helping women realize their full economic potential. At the same time, we help firms and economies embrace the vast opportunities found in the digital economy.